Abrasive Wheel

Abrasive Wheel Machines

Learn how to safely operate an abrasive wheel machine in just one day.

This is a whistle-stop tour of the key safety aspects you need to be aware of when operating a machine fitted with abrasive wheels. 

It covers both theory and hands-on practice.

You’ll learn all about the essential safety regulations you need to know and how to protect yourself with the right clothing.

You’ll also cover how abrasive wheels work, how they’re constructed and why it’s important to select the right speed for the job.  And to keep them in tip-top condition, we’ll even show you how to look after and store them.

Then you’ll have the chance to practise operating the abrasive wheel machine that you’ve brought along with you. You’ll be cutting into stone and metal and may also use a resinoid wheel with water.

The finer details:

 The course covers the following theoretical and practical sessions:

  • Introduction
  • Abrasive wheel safety and the law
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • The abrasive wheel
  • Speed
  • Inspection, handling, transportation and storage
  • Machine and wheel components.

Practical session- will depend upon your type of abrasive wheel machine:

  • Bench mounted grinder
  • Hand held electric driven grinder/disc cutter
  • Bench mounted cut-off saw
  • Hand held engine driven disc cutter. 

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